North Node in 10th House

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Traditionally, the north node in 10th house placement denotes great worldly success but troubles at home.

You came into this lifetime owing karma to your family.  You may work exceptionally hard to provide and care for them.  You should know you will rarely find appreciation.  You were especially sensitive to your mother and early surroundings.  However, you will identify with your father as you grow older.  As an adult carrier of the north node in 10th house, you may have one child in particular who demands your energy and attention but who returns little to you.  Your spouse is likely to be absent as a parent, emotionally or literally.

Your family’s needs never seem to dissipate.  You may feel forever bogged down by your responsibilities to them.  This may include your responsibilities to the family of man, as well, since you tend to “adopt” new acquaintances.  You probably find you everyone with whom you interact into a family member.   This leaves you spending a great deal of energy.  This energy is from trying to balance your need to do things for yourself with your need to do things for others.   You attract and create these experiences to develop maturity.

Maturity means understanding the emotional needs of others.  Once you “get” this lesson that comes with the north node in 10th house, your worldly success will come more easily.  Later in life you will relish the opportunity to provide stability and shelter for those who are in need.  Until then, however, you must guard against resenting those dependent on you.  You must resist the urge to let family issues keep you from developing your full potential.

To speed you spiritual growth, be disciplined about a positive outlook. Go out of your way to expand your circle beyond your blood relations.  Even if you are financially independent, you must work.  This is the path to achieving the authority you so greatly desire.

As you make your way in the world, be wary of any unconscious tendencies towards classism or nepotism.   Also be aware of how your family values may have shaped your ideas about career.  Having the north node in 10th house, you are deeply and psychically connected to your family.  This gives you the energy to go out into the cold cruel world.  Your task is to forge your own path.

It may help you to think deeply about the difference between status and vocation.  While you can daydream that success and power will come to you in a certain way, what you have really incarnated to do in this lifetime is find something valuable to do for the group.   When you make a substantial contribution to society, you will earn the authority you seek.

More than anyone else, natives with this placement of the north node in 10th house feel a sense of destiny.  It can be particularly difficult for women to channel this energy, depending on their circumstances.  This is because the individual’s self-esteem comes from work and the achievement of goals, not domestic activities.  If you know a woman quietly pushing to break the glass ceiling in her career, she probably has North Node in 10th House.  Others with the north node in 10th house placement include her sisters Geraldine Ferraro and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Also, Amelia Earhart, Mary Tyler Moore, Margaret Mead, Sarah Palin, and Penny Marshall share the placement.

You spent plenty of lifetimes in seclusion, meditating and pondering your soul’s development.  This will be balanced in the current incarnation with lots of social activity. Though you are shy and a natural introvert, you will find your greatest happiness climbing the ladder of success.  It may take the first forty years of your life to find the delicate balance between family and ambition that will allow you to focus on your career.  Once you figure that out, the world is your oyster as the proud carrier of the north node in 10th house.

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12 Responses to North Node in 10th House

  1.' taalya

    Thank you so much. This is so right on, and exactly what I needed at this point in my evolution. It answers so many of the questions that I have been sitting with recently. Many blessings to you

  2.' Pisces

    As if I need more challenges in this life. I see my Taurus 10th house NNode at 28+ degrees is conjunct Nessus and Varuna. No wonder my bosses have always been abusive aholes. I also have 8th house stellium opposing my U/P Rx exactly conjunct and Neptune conjunct SNode in 4th house of Scorpio.

  3.' Attie

    Ugh Pisces NN in 10th House conjunct Pisces Venus. Why? Literally, I’ve asked WHY so many times, just in 2016 alone!

    It’s been a constant struggle to be my own person and do my own thing without feeling like I have to give in and be a self-sacrificing martyr all the time. There’s no way I was born for the sole purpose of catering to the whims of others at the detriment of my own self-development! Could my Chiron in the first have anything to do with that?

    Where’s the balance to this though?

    •' Zero Degree Libra

      I have Chiron in the first as well. NN 10th House Aries….

      The only escape to what you have written is to to take the leap of faith….. I did it… you might have to leave people behind (temporary) but once you have the foundation they can come back… they’ll be mad, but what matters is… the end results…. and i can tell you…as of 9/21 doors are opening on their own…. do the work

  4.' Mike

    I understand that first comment all too well! I have Aries NN in 10th house, and life has been a constant struggle to survive! I’ve listened to all the “grown ups” in my life continually degrade my self-worth, as well as make a mockery of what I felt was my destiny, which is related to the music I write. I was born with quite a number of disabilities, making it nearly impossible for me to ever be understood, no matter many times I reiterate myself. North node in Aries, but Venus/Mercury conjunct in Pisces in the 9th. Sure, I have Mars in Aries, as well as Saturn in Aries, in the 10th house. I’m 48 now, and am at the end of my rope! I feel I’ve made a compete failure of my life being the beaten down thing that everyone has manipluated me into. I can’t find a job that I am allowed to,keep,for,more than 3 years, and right now, no one wants to hire me due to this poor record. I am not a bad person, I am not lazy, just have spells of misfortune. As a plus, moon in Capricorn on the 6th/7th cusp makes me want to just jump in front of the next train. I know I was supposed to get past all that, but I have tried so hard, and am ready to just end it. I’m at wits end! Of course, tomorrow, I’ll feel embarrassed for even admitting that, and probably much better, but days like this are just unbearable. I’m at a dead end, facing a brick wall, with a one way sign leading to that wall. I read so much about Aries north node, and have done all I can to find my way through it…and this is where I keep ending up. Good to get that off my chest anyway.

  5.' jessica

    this is a very general description and not really accurate. nn in the 10th house is about integrating the early family expereicnes into your vocation and finding independence in that expression in a public form. by no means does this mean you will have an absent spouse or children who do not appreciate you ( HUH? where do you come to that conclusion without the sign on the house cusp or nn?) Im nn in sag I have an amazing hubby and great children who join me on all my teaching seminars. I advise to google and look around more

    • Celestina

      Thank you for taking the time to share the feedback.

    •' Michelle

      I have nn in Tauras In 10th house,was raised by my dad my whole life, i cant keep a man Cuz they dont know how to BE Men, im Very good at my job, famous actully.and my kid dosent appreciate me but he’s maturing as he ages i found this description about 80% accurate as long as they’re talking about Taurus in the 10th house

  6.' Michelle

    wow… this was spot on! thank you.

  7.' gio

    North Node in the 10th house? Welp, time to kill myself.

    • Celestina

      Do you want to tell us what’s going on?

  8.' Kait

    This is enlightening. I’m a 10th house NN in Gemimi. Aside from the emotionally or literally absent spouse (although my ex-huband was very much that way,) this is completely accurate. There is such guilt brought on by trying – and failing – to balance my family life vs my career.

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