North Node in 11th House

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The traditional interpretation of North Node in 11th House is a bevy of friends who help the native achieve his goals.  The node also portends success in social causes and associations.  It holds the promise of a great leader.  There may be wealth through women in your life: usually mother or wife.

The Dragon’s Tail in the Fifth house is somewhat unhappy.  Hang-ups with gambling or other types of speculation are not unusual.  Sadly, unhealthy children or other kinds of trouble with offspring are also common for the north node in 11th house carrier.

In the past, you were too attached. You retain the soul memory of great romances and have an unconscious tendency to be always searching for the next affair.  Writers with the north node in 11th house placement include Jane Austen, John Keats, Louisa May Alcott and D.H. Lawrence.  It includes Boris Pasternak, romantics at heart who did not find such high drama in their own personal lives.

You incarnated this time to experience detached love.  You will find happiness in turning lovers into friends.  Avoid the temptation of following every romantic opportunity, for this will distract you from your true path of creating a life purpose.  You have a great need to be loved and seek to satiate that thirst with sex and romance.  The north node in 11th house placement means that love affairs only weaken you while friendships make you stronger.

It is important that you learn not to be willful.  Your ego will only get in the way of achieving happiness.  Meditate on dissolving it.  As a carrier of the north node in 11th house, it’s important to pay attention to your dreams, both sleeping and day dreams. They can bring you divine guidance and deeper self-understanding.

You have spent many lifetimes as a creator, enjoying all that you bring into existence.  However, such experiences will only leave you feeling empty in this incarnation.  Enjoy life as it happens to you — or actually through you — and resist the temptation to bring things about through your own energy.

While your lifetimes of giving love and your childlike naiveté mean you have a natural affinity and talent for dealing with children, you have come into this lifetime to experience something different than a particularly close relationship with your children.  You may find that they are unappreciative of your attention, sickly, or otherwise troublesome, or that you are unable to conceive your own children.

You probably have a vision of universal brotherhood or of the future to share.  Or maybe you have an insight about the connectivity of life based on scientific reasons.  Charles Darwin, Dag Hammarskjold, Stephen Jay Gould, and Buckminster Fuller, all with their North Nodes in 11th house, exemplify this type of energy.

Set your mind to work on becoming more scientific in your approach and placing the group’s needs ahead of your own.  You must be available to others but not emotionally involved with them.  See the people in your life not as minor actors in the drama of your story but as major figures in their own right.

The north node in 11th house means you will find true happiness by improving the lives of others.  You achieve this through friendships and associations, a clear life purpose, a strong sense of ethics, and a commitment to freedom and equality.

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45 Responses to North Node in 11th House

  1.' Laure

    I’ve posted elsewhere on this site. My NN is in 12th. But i’ve found, playing with astrology alone quietly for 15 years, that studying progressions helps a lot.

    For instance, my NN is 12th natally. But at this point in my life, 50+ years later, it’s now in 11th house by progression. The description above for 11th fits perfectly.

    Others writing about this not fitting, that may help, I don’t know. But it works for me when looking at my progressed chart. These things move over time and it changes us imo.

    • Celestina

      Thank you. I think the progressions do add a lot of insight.

  2.' Claudia

    What a depressive placement I have

  3.' Fuchur

    My North Node is in Eleventh. So where is my bevy of friends? My mother wasn’t wealthy, but there is also no wealthy wife (or any wife) in sight…

  4.' Andrea

    I have NN direct in the 11th (in Leo). I wonder if there is some meaning in the fact that it’s direct.


    Hi Celestina. I really loved your description of North Node in 11th house. I have a doubt My 11th house is in Leo. So the house where the north node is placed is the area where its energy is felt. And the sign is like a colour for this energy? So Leo and 11th house, I got a little confused hahaha. Thank you so much. Do you give apointments for astral charts? I live in Brazil, is it possible do skype? Just love the numerology section also…

    •' GADS

      Im exactly where you are
      Pluto in 12th venus in Scorpio. My love is all or nothing. It does make me weaker when emotionally attached to someone but I have a need to have a soul connection with my lover. The idea of having a harem or being part of one repulses me.

  6.' Ankita

    I got south node in 5th and north node in 11th . Yeah it’s true I’m detached from children and education but I find this idea of detaching myself from being loved by another human being one-to-one or mind-body-soul rather depressing and unfair. I have no wish in life except loving and being loved and if I loose that I’ll enter a state of suicidal depression. It doesn’t matter if it happens or not. I just can’t let go of the only wish that keeps me alive. I’m a rather plutonic and scorpionic person and it’s impossible for me to relate with anyone impersonally or merely friendly way. It’s usually all or nothing.

    • Celestina

      I don’t understand this Node to be about being loved. Of course you want to be loved. We all do! I think it’s more about detachment and space. Sometimes the challenge is to separate the dreams of being wanted, courted, desired, and possessed from the reality of more pragmatic relationships or dealing with love/sexual relationships with heavy emphasis on friendship rather than romance. In regards to loving, you may find that things fall into place better when you give the other person some space. That’s really all the 11th house is about.

      •' Lena

        Interesing in regard to children, as mine have high functioning autism. everything you write fits to a T. I think you have to have reached a point in your life to truly understand the message here.

      •' GADS

        That is spot on and a relief
        Thanks Celestina
        With a dark moon Lilith in the 12th my greatest pain is in being alone. The universe blessed me with a large loving family to offset this I think.

      •' Judith A Mancini

        I read your reply to the person whose response is listed just above this comment. You stated that the 11th house: “Sometimes the challenge is to separate the dreams of being wanted, courted, desired, and possessed from the reality of more pragmatic relationships or dealing with love/sexual relationships with heavy emphasis on friendship rather than romance. In regards to loving, you may find that things fall into place better when you give the other person some space. That’s really all the 11th house is about.” I find this statement to be encouraging but contradictory to your description of the 11th house north node to shed romantic relationships for more detached or universal friendships. I am recently widowed after 52+ years of a close marriage relationship and was hoping to be able to bond with a very special person in my life. With Leo in my 11th house with the moon’s north node there, it seems to be a contradiction. Leo being opposite to aquarius! Am I making any sense? I find it so hard to come upon a clear understanding.

    •' GADS

      I wholheartedly agree with you. If this is my life, I chose not to take this path. Like you my Scorpionic friend, I nedd deep soul bonding.
      However I deeply believe that if we follow our souls path, we will find our soulmate
      I believe(and it is not explained here) that as we go out into the world as cited here and move with iur lifes purpose, we will find a soulmate if we go along the path.
      But it wont be traditional relaionship, thats all. There will be a deep friendship and love but there will be no societal bond (marraige)
      BUT that doesnt mean there wont be deep love, commitment, monogamy, long term commitment.
      There will just be no possession in a negative sense. There will be ownership but it will be based on free choice and not a piece of paper that says you are contractually bound to each other. I understand this frightens a lot of people. But think about it? When has that piece of paper stopped people from cheating or walking away? Without the paper he can just walk but… so can YOU. Your TRUE soulmate will understand this and value what he has. In our node we have to break away from constructs and focus instead on the quality of the connection. Wd are blessed. Because we dont have the contruct, both people work harder at being good to each other because they CAN walk away. And you would havd a far happier relationship ghan people who take their partner for granted because they are married.
      Something to think about

      •' GADS


  7.' Johanna

    Again, I analyze: what made me angry about your interpretation of the North Node in the 11th house is, that shortly you seem to tell: “Be a slave of others, then you become happy. Forget your own needs and let other people to treat you as their puppet. Never get married not expect to be loved.” This is shortly the idea that I got from your text and everyone knows, that to be someone else’s slave and to put other people’s opinions and feeling ahead their own, is not good or healthy for anyone.

    • Celestina

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and response to the article. I think I should re-write the section on children. Of course you can have fulfilling and happy relationships with your child — and I’m glad you do! I don’t see anything in this interpretation that is particular about women, though you mention them specifically in your response. For friendships, the traditional advice is to be friendly with others but emotionally detached, and it seems you are doing that. There’s nothing in the article that should be interpreted as being a slave to others or to their opinions. That’s absolutely the opposite of the suggested path, actually, as these are people who seem to be very happy expressing their individuality. However, as you say, there’s a lot more to a chart then the nodes.

    •' Fuchur

      Have you read a different article than I did? How does a commitment to freedom and equality equal slaving for others? Strange is rather the interpretation that my North Node in Eleventh could make me make many friends. But then I would have friends and that’s not my reality!

  8.' Johanna

    I must disagree with some points: women in my life, as my mother, has been the biggest sorrows in my life.There is no bigger disappointment in my life than my mom – the relation with her. I have not gained any happiness from friends nor it has not been good for me to ask any other opinions from them: they have always done wrong to me and guided me in the wrong place. I Have always been happiest and gained the biggest success when I have trusted only and only to my inner guidance. I am very close to my daughter (even though she lives abroad and far, that is true, that she is not physically close) and she is the biggest happiness in my life: I am grateful that she gave me the possibility to be her mom. There is nothing in my life more happy than that what she gave me (yes, she is women, indeed, but the only women in my life who brought any idea, any happiness in my life). What I agree is, that love affairs have made me weak, so I have been without them almost all my life. I have lived alone more than 30 years. Yes, I’ve been forced to take care of other people’s needs and forgot totally my own. That has NOT made me happy. It has made me feel drained! The fact is, that if your needs are not fulfilled, you have nothing to give to anyone. If the group of people is only taking, taking taking and not giving anything bad, it does not feel happy at all! I’ve never gained any happiness from other people, that is the fact. They have always given me wrong opinion, wrong guidance and the only one I can trust is myself, no-one else. Whatever position my North Node is, nothing change this fact and in the future I’ll more and more rely only on myself. THAT makes me happy. As my daughter’s existence. But, the astrological map is not only about Nodes, there are so many other things, too! And this all I tell wit h 51 years of experience, so I know what is best for me: my own opinions, trusting MY inner guidance and being alone.

    •' Johanna

      Correction: “If the group of people is only taking, taking taking and not giving anything back, it does not feel happy at all!”

      But what I agree is the idea of brotherhood. Also, when I was working in the big company, I did everything to make my customs life as good as possible and find the best solutions for them. They liked me and indeed I was happy that I could made my best for them. But, in question of friends, especially women, I have not a one good experience of them, that I had made their life better not they have mine. I have felt that suddenly all those friends have been glued in me, they have been like burdocks, not air to breath any more with them! No independency! No freedom! I have felt totally drained, drained and drained in ALL my friendships and that I why I have now left ALL OF THEM. I do not keep any contact to any of them any more. I was not happy at all with my so called friends. But my idea is really to find new friends and indeed the word “detached” is what I gain for. I dream about friends who let me be as I am and I can let them be as they are – freely. FREELY. With air to breath! I also want to create the work environment, where my work benefits others as well as I also, in return, get something, not feel drained only. I want friend s who appreciate me and my talents and not only take and use me as their walking stick. In this way I can understand that the North Node is functioning in my life – but I just have not seen it yet! I do not have that experience yet about really good friendships. I can imagine that I could be happy if I see something like that some day. Wrong friends are wrong friends even you Node is what ever house or sign. To be drained is to be drained, that’s it.

      •' GADS

        I think everybody’s misunderstanding this note. I’m a double Virgo with my Venus in Scorpio. I am intensely loyal in my relationships and bond deeply with all my friends. I’m not afraid of soul bonding and the shadows that I encounter there. However, the thing I did learn is that to set boundaries for myself with others. If we do not do this, other people that are half empty vessels because of what ever they were not able to get in life, become attached to us in drain us. It starts by respecting ourselves enough to establish those boundaries while having kindness and generosity towards others. I’ve had to learn this recently with two men I became emotionally involved with. Both men were source of great misery. But as I am fortunate to have my Venus in Scorpio, the pain transformed me into something much stronger than I was. I now feel completely free because I no longer emotionally rely on them. That gives me freedom to love with generosity and have no expectations other than I am respected by the other person. That is the power of this node. Nobility. Personal power. From what I am reading people feel they are destined to walk alone and most don’t like it. They are sad about it. The fact is that we CAN walk alone gives us the power of choice to have people in our lives or not. This is the true power of this node. We are SOOOO lucky

      •' Fuchur

        I wish instead that I would have friends! I’m not good in making friends. I’m not good in keeping friends. There is not need for me to leave friends because they’ll leave me sooner or later. Only occasionally and temporarily did I have friends in my life. But what you’re describing doesn’t sound like real friends.

    •' Viv Anne

      Hi. The north node doesn’t come naturally. It may not even figure into your life for the first 30 or so years of your life. These are the qualities you’re moving towards that as you learn to wield will bring you the deepest satisfaction. Reflect on the last 15 years of your life and let us know if you’ve seen this trend emerge.

      I did not read into this article that you must not fulfill your own needs or put others needs first. What I read is not to impose your needs (your will) onto others.

      That your daughter is distant fits with the articles description. Relations with children will not be too close so as to force you not to depend on such an attachment.

      Regarding relying on only yourself – do you find this makes you happy or comfortable? As a North Node you should find comfort in solitude but listlessness and frustration if you remain so too long.

    •' Fuchur

      The natal chart may be not only about the North Node, but I can relate much more with the things, which you wrote, than with the original article about the North Node in Eleventh. Except that I’m male and so won’t be a mother. That you still were able to after more than thirty years of living alone is the only encouraging thing about North Node in Eleventh so far yet. I also prefer to be alone because other people, and of some I’m also forced to take care of, drain me too. Perhaps that is the real true North Node in Eleventh?

  9.' virg

    What happens when North node is in 11th house Leo and South node is in 5th house Aquarius? I’m confused what to embrace and what to let go. Even the balancing of both the houses and signs. Please explain.

  10.' Virg

    What happens when North node is in 11th house Leo sign and South node is in 5th house Aquarius. I’m way too confused what to embrace and what to let go off. Please help.

  11.' Virg

    What happens when North node is in 11th house Leo sign and South node is in 5th house Aquarius. I’m way too confused what to embrace and what to let go off..Please help.

    • Celestina

      The house is where the energy is felt and the sign is how it makes itself felt. So I would let go of South Node energy and look for North Node situations.

  12.' Miko

    WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a NN in the 11th House in Capricorn what’s interesting is that directly opposite is Saturn conjunct my SN. My NN is also squaring my natal Pluto. This article resonated on so many levels!

    •' Kylie

      That is exactly where i have my north node and saturn and node is conjunct my moon.. maybe we were born around the same time.

  13.' Michael

    I love this article! I have north node in the 11th – in Aries! Interesting polarity: the moon in nativity is in Libra. In the same sign as the dragons tail! I just had saturn return to its natal degree a few days ago and im eager for the next leg of my life. Over the last 9 years in particular ive come out of my shell a great deal and allowed more of my personality to shine. I clearly see how an Arian NN would benefit someone like me. 🙂 and i generally do wish of a better tomorrow. I have this thought a lot. Of humanity coming together. It makes me so happy… (also, Uranus rules my MC. Its applying a conjunction to my north node as I type this. Interesting! Thanks for your post. Im a big fan of your writing, my friend!

    • Celestina

      Thank you! Friend is such a compliment from someone with North Node in the 11th.

      •' Fuchur

        Friend is a compliment if I make it? Should my North Node in Eleventh not seek to make all of mankind my friends?

    •' Fuchur

      My Moon is also in the same sign (but not Libra) as my South Node. So what?

  14.' Francis

    I have a question about children area. If in the past life I was good with children why did I may develop a challenge (like dharma) with them? If I have kids they will disobey me in a point I cannot deal or depends?

  15.' Brittany

    I relate to this well. I’m 20 years old and have always been going from one romantic goal to the next, and I do find that the deeper I invest in a partner, the weaker I get in certain ways. I have trouble finding a balance. I have a pretty populated 3rd house and find myself delving into materialism to deal with emotional issues that I can’t communicate despite my moon and Venus occupying my 4th.

    • Celestina

      North Node in the 11th can be tricky for romance and sex, but eventually I’m sure you’ll find the balance you’re looking for. Communicating emotions is not easy for most people. It can take a lifetime to really understand your own emotions and find the words for them. Some are blessed with an ability to do this quite easily, but for most people it takes practice. Moon and Venus in the 4th might make them a little harder to access I would think.

      •' Fuchur

        Does living completely without something count under tricky?

  16.' Lyn

    I have Chiron in the 2nd house of Gemini squaring my 11th house Pisces Nodes. What are your views on this please Celestina?

  17.' Keziah

    I can not relate to this at all have been with my husband since I was 16 he 19 nearly 40 years married 32 years I have 3 children 7 grandchildren very close nit family?? Improving the lives of others yes! strong ethics yes! But have trouble with your vision of this placement!

    • Celestina

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I think it’s helpful to others. It really would be impossible to write a description of the node placements that is right on 100% accurate for everyone since there are so many other factors at play in a chart and even with the node itself. For instance, the house and sign interact in ways that temper and accentuate each other.

      •' Fuchur

        I’m so glad that somebody else can’t relate with your description too. But shouldn’t I be a quite plain case because there are no planets in my Eleventh?

        Sign and aspects are there. North Node sign: Capricorn;

        Major aspects: Quinkunx Saturn, square Pallas, square (not as exact as the others) Uranus;
        Minor aspects: Nonile Mercury, quintile Mars.

        Should that somehow make me not have friends?

      •' Fuchur

        Should you be happy about the “new” celestial objects, then I have to offer one aspect more:

        My North Node is also conjunct Teharonhiawako. (Corn god and probably main fertility god of a native American tribe.)

        One more if you’re fond of asteroids:

        Also conjunct Iris. (The Greek rainbow goddess, messenger of Hera.)

        And one more if you like the invented points:

        Also conjunct Selena. (The White Light Moon, which shall indicate the good part of karma.)

  18.' Salia

    Is there any difference if the North Node is retrograde?

    • Celestina

      I was taught that because it is not actually a planet, the status of retrograde does not matter. You may find others with different views.

      •' Stanley Gemmell

        Nodes move backwards thru the zodiac, they are imaginary points of course not corresponding to a physical object of the firmament. But even so, it would be more remarkable for the True Node to be moving DIRECT! Haha that would kind of be like their version of “retrograde” motion in the sense of it being contrary to their “normal”, most common direction. I love these interpretations in this website by the way!! Great work 🙂 I am NN in Cap in 11th House and very good advice is here given ^__^ Cheers

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