North Node in 1st House

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The traditional interpretation of the North Node in 1st House, also known as the Dragon’s Head in the First House and Dragon’s Tail in the Seventh House, is good health and a strong mind, but troubled partnerships.

In past lives, you relied too much on partners, even losing your own identity in your sacrifice for others. You were dependent and/or dominated by a spouse, friend, confidant, or other person. With the memory of such dependency and partnership, there is danger you will marry early and/or for the wrong reasons. Further, you may have a semi-conscious or unconscious fear of losing your partners, which makes you especially dependent. A successful marriage may come later in life.

Because of past experiences, you may not even know who you really are. You are here in this lifetime to be an individual with all that that entails. Strive to develop a personality that is distinctive and that others recognize as your own. Take a stand without regard to how others react to it or what they think about it. You must resist at every opportunity the temptation to be a people-pleaser.

Martin Schulman writes that these natives, with their fond memories of teamwork and cooperation, find the process of individuation particularly painful. They have, explains Schulman, a soul longing to discover themselves after having lost their identity in others, and yet an equally strong desire not to hurt those close to them in the process of doing so. They must take on the mission of establishing a sense of self but do so “without shutting off completely the benefits of marriage and partnerships.“ In the process of striking this balance, there may come a time when you overcompensate, being too aggressive or even obnoxious. Keep your ego in check, and eventually you will find the right chord to strike.

It will do your soul good to accept leadership positions in this lifetime. It is also good for you to take the initiative. However, be wary of seeking power. You cannot make up for past mistakes in relationships by becoming a dictator, though you will be tempted to dominate others once you wake up to the ways people have taken advantage of you in the past.

Some people with this placement of the North Node in 1st House go to extremes with their appearances. You may make a point of not tending to how you present yourself, thereby alienating others. Or you may obsess over every detail of your grooming. Try to avoid both these extremes. You do need to make a good impression on others, and your physical appearance is an important part of this and one reflection of yourself; however, there is a limit. You must understand that your appearance is just that: your appearance. It is not your actual self.

Own your need for recognition. You are here to be an individual, which means standing out. Take the time to figure out what you think. Do not waiver from your views when they become inconvenient or unpopular. If you are a good friend to yourself, offering support and encouragement to your own self as you have done for others, even in the face of opposition and at the risk of creating disharmony, you will find a deep reservoir of courage you did not know you had. It is important to understand, though, that the North Node in 1st House nodal position is not about philosophical conviction; it is about learning how to be yourself.

Resist the temptation to wait for others to offer their opinion first or to tell you what you should think or do think. Because your placement is North Node in 1st House, you will be happy when you come to your own conclusions and stand up for yourself.

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12 Responses to North Node in 1st House

  1.' Dewi

    I feel the same i am so obsessed with my body my appearance etc i go to the extremes when it comes to keeping myself clean but also looking good from pimples on my to not trained body it can really upset me till the point where i don’t even go outdoors since i’m a showoff and i like to be seen (venus leo) but i’m not extreme at wanting to be seen but more my own appearance. my north node is in capricorn i don’t know what that means. and besides that giving everything to relationships helping the other person to develop but losing myself many times. While i know i can accomplish alot if i want to but i kinda hold myself back also because i have my mars in libra i tend to live for my partner not that i depend on my partner because i can be impulsive at times since i have my moon in the 1th house with my ascendant in sagittarius

  2.' Rose

    This is me to a T. So I can’t blame everything on the parents..haha Seriously though, many of these aspects of me & my fears/troubles in relationships I have acknowledged. I thank you for now I have hope in reading here that a decent relationship is possible later in life as I am 61 & have shut out men for a while now. I have such a fear of loving someone I become as you say dependant, drive them away,self- sabataging the relationship & thus fulfilling the fear. This is last thing on my bucket list..a healthy relationship with a partner

  3.' Priscilla Jane

    North node in 1st, as well as Neptune and Uranus in 1st in natal chart. Everyone I read this stuff it sounds just like me to the max. Though it makes me so sad, because all I want is true love. I feel like patience is key. Though I am in love and all I want in this life is to be happy being me with this woman. If not, it will destroy me, but I am willing to take a chance for love. For her. Thank you for your time and intelligence.

  4.' R.

    With SN in Libra, NN in Aries, and Sun in Virgo, this is even more challenging. Completely lost myself in a soulmate relationship, like a rollercoaster of intense emotions, sacrificed myself for the greater good of the other’s development, but in return just get betrayed.
    Seriously true, I’m a better version of myself when I’m being independent and beating to my own drum.

  5.' Jane

    Celestina I would like to get a reading from you can you get back to me please.

  6.' Gabby

    I’m tearing up reading this. This really hit home. Thank you :3

  7.' Kelsey

    The term, disharmony, is an atrocious word to me. Being a Libra with a lunar sign of Scorpio. And having my NN in Aquarius in the 1st house a LOT of this is stuff I’ve already come to realize. It’s great to see it in words rather than just already knowing about intuitively and thinking I’m weird! Hahaha!

    •' Gabby

      I’ve gotta reach out to you just because you’re the exact opposite of me, my sun sign is Scorpio, moon sign in libra, and my north mode is in my Leo first house! I just found that really cool haha

  8.' Sudheer

    This is very exact description. Thanks Celestina for helping me understand something about myself.

  9.' Frida

    What if you have north node in libra in first house? Is that a contridiction?:) sincerely

    •' Purbec

      I agree Frida!
      I have libra NN house 1, it’s taught me to believe in myself more, to embody ‘self’, be your true authentic self, don’t be dependent on others physically, mentally, emotionally.

  10.' Evan

    This is such a great page Celestina! Thanks for the valuable information about true node and north node placements. I have been referring to them as mean nodes.

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