North Node in 7th House

The traditional interpretation of north node in 7th house is good luck in marriage and partnership.  It also means an important role for nieces, nephews, and children (especially the second child).  Conversely, it can also signify a troubled early life.

Marriage and partnership may not have been comfortable for you at first.  Lifetimes of individual achievement and independence make it more natural for you to go it alone and value your unique identity.   You may be divorced or separated.  Perhaps you have never married, because of your tendency to remain apart.  However, as reluctant as you may be or have been to commit to another, marriage and partnership are part of your spiritual journey.  You are here in this lifetime to learn to give with the whole heart, asking nothing of others in return.   If you have not been successful in your relationships, most likely you were falling back on the old habit of trying to just get by.  You may have most likely not been doing the minimum to keep a partner around.   Put the needs of others first and you will be amazed at how the universe supports you.

You had many incarnations as a loner.  You came into this world with a pioneer spirit.  This may be seen by others as a sense of embattlement.  Some will perceive you as disloyal, since you are so reluctant to invest in your relationships.  However, as you grow in your spiritual development, you will find within yourself an amazing ability to give self-confidence to others.   Martin Schulman attributes to native with this north node in 7th house nodal placement an ability to “give others the will where there was none” and to make them aware of their own self-worth.

You may wonder how to begin your journey of putting others first.  It starts with developing the habit of detaching from yourself and recognizing the egoistic ways of your past (either previous lifetimes or childhood).  You will soon learn the rewards of focusing your energy on someone other than yourself.  As you take the emphasis off you and put it on the other, the habits of kindness and understanding will develop naturally.  These behaviors will help you formulate appropriate goals for your relationships.  Donna van Toen sees as the major issue for natives with the North Node in 7th House:  “This person is torn between involvement at any cost and preservation of his or her highly comfortable image of self as a good or beautiful person.”

The core issue for you is the right balance between self and others.  As you reach for your North Node, strive to be sure that every arrangement is a win-win.  Both sides should benefit from any bargain.  Check your tendency to assert yourself at all times.  Seek the balance proclaimed by your nodal brother Norman Vincent Peal: win friends and influence people.  Other famous people who share the north node in 7th house placement are Malcolm X, Barack Obama, the current Dalai Lama, Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth II, and Woodrow Wilson.  All of these luminaries are known for their autonomy, but also a great deal of charm.

Permanent relationships require tact, diplomacy, strategy, and above all fair dealing.  Obligations, limitations, and even boredom are part and parcel of long-term commitments to others.  However, as you compromise and cooperate with partners you will find that your investment is more than returned.   Most partners look for reciprocity.  You will find much more than that with your north node in 7th house.

The north node in 7th house is also known as Dragon’s Head in the Seventh House and Dragon’s Tail in the First House.

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[1] Martin Schulman even suggests that individuals with the north node in 7th house placement are so out of harmony with the universe that they may develop some sort of chronic ailment that allows them to take sympathy from others.

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