North Node in Aries — South Node in Libra

Directions: Study the interpretation of the North Node in Aquarius below. Then, take the quiz to see how well you understand its impact on your life! After all, reading means nothing if you don’t fully understand it. Access the quiz via the link at the bottom.

Traditionally, the North Node in Aries gives great physical courage and daring.  It may make you rash, but fortune will favor your boldness.  The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in Libra may mean protracted lawsuits are an important part in your life or that you will at some point be separated from your home.

As you grow older, you stretch farther and farther to reach your North Node in Aries which makes you self-assertive, independent, and full of life force.  In previous lifetimes you abdicated responsibility for your own life to others, letting partners make all the decisions for you.  Now you are here to be an individual, and circumstances in your life will always conspire to force you into decisive action made after little or no consultation.

Until you begin spiritual or psychological work on yourself, you may not know who you are except in reference to others.   If you are unconscious, you will tend to think that what others want is what you want and will try to make yourself happy by doing what others are doing.  This leads to deep depression.

You still retain the past life habit of seeing both sides of very issue.  When presented with a decision, you may analyze the various perspectives until you are literally sick of yourself.  Exhausted from your own paralysis, you will finally resort to bold action and tap into that primal Aries energy.

You can be irrational in your relationships, which causes you problems.  The issue usually stems from your attempts to be fair to everyone.  Every sign except the north node in aries knows this is virtually impossible.  You hesitate to take the leadership roles you know you should pursue because you are afraid of dealing with the disharmony that may result form your decisions.   However, leadership roles are the best thing for you.  Especially in the work arena, you should take charge whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In addition to fearing conflict, another problem that makes relationships difficult for you is being too rational in your approach.  Using your head may land you an appropriate mate, a prestigious position, and the birth of children at convenient times, but it also leads to a life without love and passion, which isn’t much of a life at all.

In previous incarnations you approached the world through your mind.  You came into this lifetime with a well-developed intellect and are certainly capable of deep thought.  However, you incarnated not necessarily to think but to act and to exert your personal force onto the world around you.

As a carrier of the north node in aries, it is your birthright to put yourself first.  “I” is your key concept.  In fact,  some of the greatest commentary on self-consciousness in Western Civilization comes from individuals with the north node in aries placement, including Socrates, Descartes, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung.   Reading can help you develop and is likely to become more important to you as you age.

If you put too much emphasis on your South Node, you may be afraid of being alone, are overly concerned about your appearance,  indecisive or even a doormat. To activate your Aries energy, try something new.   Any outdoor activity is likely to be beneficial (hunting especially),  as are contact sports such as boxing, karate, football and hockey.  Traveling by yourself is also good for you.  You might also like the National Guards, scouts, or any other organized regime.

Careers indicated for the north node in aries placement are fashion design, artistic endeavors of all kinds, editing, publicity, and sports.
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9 Responses to North Node in Aries — South Node in Libra

  1.' Z

    Hi. What about the north node aries in the 8th house. They both seem to contradict one another

  2.' Ghada

    Hi, I’m a libra sun sign, Scorpio rising with N node in Aires at 9 degrees. Born in New York 23/9/1968. I work as a consultant putting parties together. Is this a good career for me? I used to work in media when I was in my 30s and my life has been quite unstable especially lately. Pls advice. Thank you.

  3.' Mary

    My north node is in house 7 in Aries. I read the description of north node in house 7 and read the description of north node in Aries. These 2 descriptions contradict themselves. I don’t understand. North node in house 7 says I have to cooperate with others and not be a loner. In Aries it says the opposite. Please explain. thank you.

  4.' Cathy Sutton

    Celestia. Im currently in a relationshio wih a man who has gemini north node. I have Aries north node and feel frustrated with him because he doesn’t seem to really empathize with my problems and seems focused on his issues leaving me feel …like I said …frustrated. My birth is Aug 10 1949 and his July 27, 1965. We rally love each other but there seems to be the dysfunct in our needs/goals empathy.

  5.' Kim

    my aspect is this True Node in Aries. 5°40’34 in house 5 retrograde. What does that mean? all i know is that i can related completely to the description.

    • Celestina

      For that placement, you would want to read the descriptions for North Node in Aries and also North Node in the 5th house. Just ignore the part about retrograde for the nodes. I’m not sure what else you’re asking…

  6.' Lex

    This describes me very, very well. I am currently seeking a position in fashion, fashion illustration to be exact. I hate being alone and would rather stay in a dead end relationship than to be by myself. I am growing out of this though. My current plans are to become financially stable so that I won’t NEED a man and could fend for myself without having someone control me. I am also too giving and I tend to let others run over me. I say I do it to keep the peace, but I know I need to speak up for myself more.

  7.' Tim Fasoranti

    I have my North Node (Mean) at Pisces V at 29th degree & at 0 degrees True Node, I have 3 planets in Virgo XI as well as an outer triple conjunct in the XI in Libra at 2 degrees.
    I have 4 planets in Aries as well as a Fire grand trine. My 5th house Cusp is in Pisces.

    My question is I feel the effects and pull of the Pisces North node, but there are elements of Aries NN that are so powerful (seeing all sides to the point of inaction THEN act with no consideration of the facts) Is it possible to have 2 North nodes ?

    Birth details
    21.14PM 31st March 1969
    Lambeth, England

    • Celestina

      The last degree of any sign (i.e., 29 degrees Pisces) is known for just that type of action you describe — vacillating and then jumping in last minute and perhaps later regretting it. (That seems more indicative of Aries South Node to me than North Node, by the way.) You might want to read about the anaretic degrees and see if that explains your Pisces Node more. That is also the placement of the fixed star Scheat, so you might find more information there. I can see how you might feel the pull of both the Aries and the Pisces, but I do think you’ve got to choose one or the other. Rather than trying to decide by looking at your behavior so far and seeing what description fits best, you might try implementing some of the “karmic wins” for each, for the North Node in Aries and the North Node in Pisces, and see which brings better karmic results. The whole point is to find some practical help in making decisions, etc., so you should feel really good when you hit the right spot.

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