North Node in Cancer — South Node in Capricorn

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Traditionally, the north node in cancer has been considered a lucky placement.  It gives good judgment and insight.  However, the corresponding South Node in Capricorn signifies a high strung nature and trouble with love relationships.

Key words for the North Node in Cancer are domesticity and mothering.  Many famous individuals with the north node in cancer placement are known for their home life or work with children, such as Maria Montessori, Mia Farrow, Brad Pitt, Joseph Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin.  Sometimes heavy family responsibilities manifest in your life to help you develop the nurturing and emotional qualities you incarnated to experience.

Form past life time experiences, you bring with you a strong sense of ambition and pride.  In your own mind, you are at or near the top of an elaborate social caste system.  If you were not born into what you consider your rightful place, you may prefer to marry “up.”

You came into this world knowing how to lead and organize.  You can see how that innate talent played out in the lives of Cesar Chavez, Alfred Nobel, Queen Elizabeth II, Otto von Bismark, Claus von Staffenberg, Fidel Castro, and Phil Jackson, all known for their executive ability.  However, you must be careful, for if you do not use your energy to nurture others but just for the sake or order, you will fall into the dark side.  Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Robespierre, and Papa Doc Duvalier – leaders whose names are literally synonymous with terror — share the north node in cancer placement, too.   Witness the massive destruction caused by their desire to “maintain order.”   I hope you take it seriously when I encourage you to “let go.”

Most people with this north node in cancer placement find it hard to shake the need for recognition, and may overwork themselves to attain martyrdom or exaggerate the difficulty of their tasks in order to gain attention.  Because of a strict upbringing or perhaps just soul memory, you may not be able to tolerate anything less than total perfection from yourself.  In very extreme circumstances, you may make yourself sick in order to get out of dealing with situations with the potential to require you to confront an inadequacy of yours.

Growth will come when you learn to “let it be.”  Life experiences will teach you eventually to become more natural, value your emotions and instincts, and to appreciate the natural cycle of life.  In this lifetime, your greatest accomplishments will be of a personal nature.   You know exactly how to take.  Now you will learn to give.

It is not uncommon for people with this placement to be institutionalized as children.  This may include a long hospital stay, residing in an orphanage or boarding school, or severely cold parents who treated you as a status symbol rather than a warm-blooded human being.  They may have encouraged you to become an opportunist and taught you to value the material over the spiritual.

Nurturing professions are favored for you.  Nursing is an obvious choice.  Interior decorating and different types of child care or work with children are also strong possibilities.  There are many professional comedians with the north node in cancer placement, among them Mel Brooks, Harpo Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Stephen Colbert, Hank Azaria, Harvey Korman, and Rob Schnieder.  Perhaps you, too, may make some money from your wonderful sense of humor.

To balance your nodal energy housekeeping, landscaping, genealogy, yoga, and history are all recommended hobbies for the north node in cancer.   As you let go of your control issues and move into your emotional body, you will find yourself connecting with others more and more and enjoying the experience.  It is important that you establish a family of some sort and that you be industrious.  It’s important that the carrier of the north node in cancer placement avoid any reflexive tendencies to withdraw into isolation.  You are here to nurture the group and take comfort in being part of a family.  Trust the life process and your instincts.  You may never attain the station in life to which you think you are entitled, but in your home and family you will find a far great happiness than you could ever have imagined.

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4 Comments on "North Node in Cancer — South Node in Capricorn"'
December 11, 2015

Wow…Im amazed by this read and im so pleased I have embraced the areas of concern with perfect alignment with my best outcome gor my overall well being and I can see some areas that Im currently working on as well…Im amazed at my intuitive nature and my growth spiritually that gets all the credit no doubt…Im pleased to say the least.
Thank you!'
December 6, 2015

Blah. This sounds horrible to me. I don’t like people and can’t stand children. If this is my destiny, I want a cosmic refund.