North Node in Capricorn — South Node in Cancer

The North Node in Capricorn has traditionally been interpreted as a sign of prudence, caution, introversion, and even cynicism in an individual.  It can also bring wealth.  The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in Cancer is an indication of a fickle love nature.

You have spent many lifetimes as home, mastering the domestic arts.  You have now incarnated to have a career and climb the ladder of success.  Maturity is the key spiritual concept of the north node in capricorn placement.  You may feel as if you’re always an adolescent of some sort, trying to become an adult with real responsibility but hampered by baby feelings inside.

You may have very strong feelings of patriotism and a desire to work for your country, which you may see as your extended family.  People with the north node in capricorn nodal placement are sometimes known for being very diplomatic, as the Cancer South Node gives them insight and sensitivity.  John F. Kennedy is a good example of the use of this energy.

The biggest challenge of the north node in capricorn placement is learning to let go.  Your soul habit has been to absorb emotions and drop them in an inner sea of self-pity and longing.  Endings are difficult for you, and your relationships, like your feelings, tend to be endless.  The cure is to move from a personal life to a public one and one way to do that is to stand for some traditional value you hold dear and let the chips fall where they may.

Deep down inside you know that you are destined for great accomplishments but have trouble believing your kids or spouse or parents or whoever else is at home can make it through the day without you.  A good way to get past this is to read biographies of public people you admire and to take baby steps towards a career.

If you rely too heavily on your Cancer energy, this can lead to an unsuccessful life, hypersensitivity, immaturity, out of control emotions, self-pity, and a fear of authority.  You dream of being objective, yet at your worst, you are a bottom less pit of insecurity.  Some cures for what ails you include mathematics, taking responsibility for your life including your childhood, accepting leadership positions, chess, and yoga.

The perfect antidote for your insecurity and immaturity is competence.  You must take on tasks which improve your confidence and allow you to move in the direction of taking charge.  Once you harness your Capricorn energy, you will be amazed and amaze others with your accomplishments.  Business giants Oprah Winfrey, Jack Welch, and Kirk Kerkorian all share this north node in capricorn placement with you.

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At the heart of most of your issues is the concept of judgment.  You fear the final day, whether you imagine it to be spiritual or more mundane, when you will be called to fully account for your actions.  This may be at the root of your reluctance to embrace adulthood or even admit your real age.  Yet eventually you find the fortitude to face it.  Carrying the north node in capricorn means it may take you half a life of whining and feeling sorry for yourself before you rise to meet the challenge you set out for yourself upon incarnation, but once you do, you will live a model life.