North Node in Libra — South Node in Aries

Traditionally, north node in libra connotes harmony in life and a refined intellect.  It is good for all affections, including children and spouse.  The Dragon’s Tail in Aries indicates someone who acts without thinking and though he may have physical courage is inconsiderate about his actions.  Favored careers are hairdresser or barber, lawyer, diplomat, artist, interior designer, or airline crew member.

You chose to incarnate with the north node in libra nodal position to balance many lifetimes of strong individuality in which you were focused on building yourself up in physical courage, confidence, and action.  You are now here to learn self-sacrifice.  You will not achieve much of anything on your own in this lifetime. Cooperation should be your mantra.

From past lives you have the tendency to be self-centered, vain, and autonomous in your decision making, regardless of the consequences.  You might also be closed minded by nature or change your mind out of restlessness. Martin Schulman explains of these individuals that the south node in aries is always pushing them forward but that once they arrive at their intended destination, they realize they are only half-way there, and unable to finish without the help of others.  Until you embrace partnership, you will always find impediments to your success.

Before you learn to work with this energy, you may have the frustrating experience (repeatedly!) of seeing those around you have, attain, or receive those things which you desire.  In fact, the universe may take what is precious to you and give it to someone else until you learn to share willingly.  You have an innate ability give those around you the energy to make their own dreams come true.  This so you can learn the joy of helping others.

Another challenge for you, as a carrier of the north node in libra, is learning to commit whole-heartedly to something.  If you are unconscious, you may find yourself involved in something that you now blame for ruining your life, such as an unwanted pregnancy or marriage at an early age.  You use this as an excuse to not become totally involved with those around you and become frustrated because there are no fast and easy solutions.   You must cultivate patience.

The north node in libra placement is also known for diplomacy.  Do not attempt to fight for the things you want. Negotiate. Compromise. Talk. Think things through. Make a strategy and stick it out.  Avoid taking sides.  Rash behavior is a recipe for losing for you in this lifetime.  Be especially careful to follow the spiritual path laid out for you.  For an imbalance of this energy is quite likely to manifest as physical illness.

North Node in Libra examples

You may find it helpful to think about the lives of these famous people who share the north node in libra placement:  John McEnroe, Sarah Ferguson, Madonna, Simon Cowell, Magic Johnson, Karen Blixen, and Dick Cheney. They are all strong individuals who, with age, seemed to temper their bold and rash behavior.

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Deep down inside you want nothing more than to create and dwell in a harmonious world.  This only happens when you put others first. This is the key to your happiness as the north node in libra .