North Node in Scorpio — South Node in Taurus

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The traditional interpretation of the north node in scorpio is that it gives the individual great stamina and a drive to succeed.  The Dragon’s Tail in Taurus indicates sensuality and a material preoccupation.  It may also be a sign of physical laziness.

In the past, you focused on the importance of the material world.   You spent so many lifetimes doing manual labor that you are accustomed to doing things “the hard way.”  At your worst, you refuse to observe and learn from those around you, having to discover the danger of things which others can appreciate through watching.   You have what can be an insatiable desire for sensual pleasures and nice things.  If you are not careful, you can become possessive and materialistic, hoarding all items that cross your path.  You do not need these things in your present incarnation, and the sooner you learn to let go, the better.

You have suffered substantial damage to the ego in previous lifetimes from the north node in scorpio placement.  You come into this life with a great need for respect and the desire to prove yourself worthy of it.  This is so intense that if others indicate you are lacking in some essential quality, you may become depressed.

Your task in this lifetime is to reach for the regenerative powers that lay dormant within you.  It is no coincidence that Franz Kafka, born with the the north node in scorpio placement, wrote a famous story called Metamorphoses.  You are destined to transform yourself completely.  Let go – of old habits, unnecessary “junk,” false beliefs – and you will begin the path of spiritual growth.  Burn your bridges as you move forward for you do not need to ever look back.

While you may have the natural tendency to husband resources as a bulwark against life’s vicissitudes, you are better off giving and receiving help from others.  If you are not spiritually aware, you may still find yourself trapped in the thinking that you should not give without there being something in it for you.  You can cure this by participating with others in joint ventures.

You have developed over many lifetimes a great deal of will power.  However, the emphasis in this incarnation will shift slightly to self-discipline and insight.  Avoid simple formulas for success.  Spend your time getting to know yourself and understanding your own psychological issues and analyzing the true and complex motives of others.  This is your path to happiness.

Resistance to change is the biggest obstacle to spiritual growth for the north node in scorpio.  Your soul remembers the pleasures of a routine life spent in great luxury.   Without material well-being you may feel threatened, insecure, and materialistic. This is when you resort to being possessive and stubborn.  However, the longer you dig your heels in, the worse the eventual upheaval will be, for you are destined to undergo continual transformation.   Be forewarned that resistance will be very costly.  Learn to welcome change as a way of life or you will find yourself in one crisis after another.

There is some sadness in the north node in scorpio nodal placement.  As Martin Schulman writes, this individual “would like to rest, thinking his soul journey is over.  So tired is he, from past life memories of the yoke of his earthly burdens, that whatever the cost he would like to feel settled.”   But settling is not in your future.  Rather, your karmic destiny is transformation, in the process of which you will be stripped of all that is dear to you.   You may give it up willingly like fellow claimers of the north node in scorpio Jean Paul II and Osama Bin Laden, or have it taken from you, like Mohamed Pavlavi, the last Shah of Iran, or Emperor Hirohito, both born with the north node in scorpio placement.  The transformation may be so severe that you spend the end of your life alone, stripped of everything but your physical self, like your nodal sister Marlene Dietrich, who was bed-ridden and living in seclusion her last ten years on earth.

However, there is cause for happiness in the north node in scorpio placement, too, for as Schulman says “out of the symbolic death of all he ever possessed will come his new life.”

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