True Node (North Node)

Do you know what the north node is?  Do you know what yours is and what it means?  The nodes are your astrological key to harnessing the positive energy of the universe in your life.

Moon Nodes

The moons nodes (the true node or north node and south node) are important components of the astrological birth chart, but they are not planets. Rather, they are points on the ecliptic where the moon crosses the sun’s projected path.  The moon’s north node is sometimes referred to as the dragon’s head, or the true node, while the south node can also be called the dragon’s tail.  The nodes are on an axis, and therefore always opposite one another, so the signs of the nodes will be opposite, as well (Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, etc.)  The nodes will also fall into the houses of a birth chart, which of course will also be opposite.

North Node (or True Node)

The true node, also known as the north node, is your karmic direction in this lifetime. Like a lighthouse, it points the way towards your destiny. When you reach for your dragon’s head, the universe supports you in fulfilling your soul’s purpose.  You can learn about the type of karma you are here to fulfill by looking at the sign of your north node.  The node will also occur in a house, which shows the area in which this karma will take place.

South Node

The south node is representative of the karma from your past lives, or perhaps your childhood. Put simply it reflects your past. In that sense, it can represent areas of comfort (to the extent that the familiar is always comfortable). However, when considered as the complement to the north node, it may have a somewhat negative connotation in that the native is encouraged to move away from the past, the comfortable, the familiar, towards the future. On the other hand, the south node can represent skills learned. The sign of the south node suggests how the past might be characterized in terms of experiences and feelings, while the house of the south node suggests the life areas in which the significant events took place.

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14 Comments on "True Node (North Node)"'
April 13, 2015

Hi Celestina,
Thanks for your generous & spot-on info, and I love how detailed it is! My North Node is 3rd Gemini, so I am not sure how to be less South Node, as my natal Mercury is conjunct it. My natal sun is 8th Sag, my Moon is square the nodes in 6th Virgo. How do I do “Mercury” the right way, as it shows up at top, bottom, and middle of the nodes? It is time to do what I am supposed to, but as a beginner at Nodes & Astrology I am so confused about what is my TRUE aim? Thanks again, Celestina!'
March 8, 2015

Thank you very much for your insight. I found it to be very accurate. I have a virgo north node placement in the 12th house. And yes I do have a over 200,000 people following my work on a FB page. I was also blessed with a visitation of light beings in my early 20’s that showed me my work here… though I didn’t understand it at all at the time. I also have Pluto on top of my north node and chiron on top of my south. Would you like to share anything about that please. Thank you again for your work xxx'
March 3, 2015

Hi Celestina, Thank you so much for this wisdom! Your words have been incredibly insightful for me. All the ways I’ve felt like the Universe has nudged me in certain directions throughout my life are confirmed in your writing. I was wondering about your thoughts on north node transits? My return is coming up (and there’s a solar eclipse) on my birthday this year. I would really love to hear your interpretation of this. Thanks so much!!!'
October 21, 2014

Hi Celestina,

Your insights regarding my North Node in Scorpio are incredibly accurate and explain the reason for a significant spiritual breakthrough I experienced almost 10 years ago. I went from being 100% materialistic to selling or giving away everything, all of my possessions, to finance my mission to help others as a spiritual messenger and teacher. You are truly gifted. I wish you great prosperity and cherished dreams come true. Blessings.'
September 3, 2014

A fab article re: North node in 8th house of Leo sign in my natal chart..

A childhood in rags and poverty to riches in later adult life(self made)…. only to lose it ALL on giving to the unworthy, but always able regroup after self undoing. Thats exactly my story.

Second year into studying astrology big time.