True Node / North Node in 9th House Test

Think you understand the North Node in 9th house placement? Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. Traditionally this placement brings good luck in:
a. travel, politics, and publishing
b. travel, politics, and teaching
c. teaching, publishing, and writing
d. publishing, writing, and all forms of communication

2. Your are likely to have lifelong friction with which groups:
a. colleagues
b. those of the same gender
c. siblings and neighbors
d. parents and grandparents

3. Guard against what negative tendency especially?
a. Gambling
b. Adultery
c. Rejection of all moral codes
d. Gluttony

4. You came into this lifetime with a soul memory of…?
a. a keen mentality
b. a strong physical body
c. a great sex drive
d. a loving and caring family

5. You are too often influenced by…?
a. Your friends’ opinions
b. Your parents’ expectations
c. The teachings of traditional religions
d. Your environment

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