True Node / North Node in Cancer Test

Think you understand the North Node in Cancer placement? Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. Key words for this placement are…

a. career and success.
b. domesticity and mothering.
c. fame and fortune.
d. feelings and caring.

2. This placement can bring heavy family responsibilities to support you in doing what?

a. Developing nurturing and emotional qualities
b. Devloping responsibility and a strong work ethic
c. A sense of selflessness
d. A closer relationship with God

3. In your own mind, you are…

a. worthless and weak.
b. on a divine mission sanctioned by God.
c. the one who knows better than others how to do things.
d. at the top of some elaborate social caste system.

4. What happens when you place too much emphasis on the need for order?

a. You may fall into the dark side.
b. You drive yourself crazy.
c. You can make yourself sick.
d. All of the above

5. Above all else you really desire…

a. wealth.
b. true love.
c. recognition.
d. to know God.

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