North Node in Scorpio Test

Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1.  Which qualities does this node placement mean you have a natural propensity for?

a.  Stamina
b.  Ambition
c.  Sensuality
d.  All of the above

2.  Which negative quality could you be predisposed to?

a.  Greed
b.  Dishonesty
c.  Laziness
d.  Gluttony

3.  What is your biggest obstacle to spiritual growth?

a.  Resistance to change
b.  Procrastination
c.  Apathy
d. Both b and c

4.  Over a great deal of lifetimes, you have developed a great amount of:

a.  Courage
b.  Agility
c.  Responsibility
d.  Will power

5.  Spending time on ____________________ is your path to happiness.

a.  getting to know yourself
b.  getting to understand others
c.  understanding your own psychological issues
d.  a, b, and c
e.  a and c

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3 Responses to North Node in Scorpio Test

  1.' Sara

    That was great. Am a Scorpio sun and true node with lots of Pluto and Mars so I went off what I know about myself and learned from your awesome article! Got 8 wrong…. Selected “teach” rather than be respected. Realize after looking at that I was hiding that from myself. So thank you. Enlightening.

  2. Celestina

    Thanks, VV! I finished a few more. Enjoy!

  3.' VV

    Can’t wait for the rest of the tests!

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